Veggie Garden Services

A range of services to help you grow your own veggies and herbs

Veggie Bed Makeover

Spruce up your old veggie patch and grow your own produce

Do you have a tired old veggie garden in need of some TLC? Don’t have time to give your veggie patch a much-needed rejuvenation? A quick refresh will get you back on track. Start growing fresh natural produce again.

I will bring your tired old veggie patch back to life by, removing weeds and spent plants, improving the soil, planting seasonal seedlings and seeds of your choice, mulch with organic straw and install garden stakes and twine.

I’ll also chat with you about how you can maintain your rejuvenated garden to keep it producing fresh natural food for the seasons ahead.

Do I have to be home? 

No. Provided you give me access to your garden I can get the makeover completed while you’re at work.

What does it cost?

From $50 per hour. The time will vary depending on the size and condition of the veggie garden. 

Seasonal veggie seedlings and seeds can also be provided at an additional cost if requested.

NDIS customers welcome.

Based in South East Melbourne. 

Regular edible garden maintenance

Get a personalised program to suit your edible garden needs

I can offer you a personalised program to suit your needs.

Regular edible garden maintenance to help keep your edible garden area productive, neat and tidy.

Activities include weeding, pruning, feeding with organic fertilisers and soil improvers.

Maintenance visits can also be designed to provide edible garden mentoring.

I can provide and plant seasonal veggie seedlings and seeds into the garden at an additional cost if requested. 

NDIS customers welcome.

Based in South East Melbourne.

Veggie garden consultation

Get expert tips on growing a productive veggie garden

Just $140 for a consultation at your place.

How does it work?

Click the book now button below or alternatively, you can call me to arrange a time and pay via electronic funds transfer.

How long is the consultation for?

Allow one hour for a consultation at your place.


Why, what are the benefits of a consultation?
  • Allow me to see your site and access the specific challenges, requirements of your garden space.
  • Learn how to set up your veggie garden for success
  • Save time and money in long run by avoiding common mistakes
  • Avoid spending a lot money on seeds, seedling and getting it wrong, costing you $$$ for no result
  • Reduce failure and giving up
  • Quash the incorrect belief that you can’t grow any thing
  • Prosper and live better, healthier, happier life.
What do I get from the consultation?
  • Get inspiration!
  • Learn what can do in your garden and the best way to use your space
  • Improve productivity
  • Advice specific to your garden space, everyone’s garden is unique
  • Using permaculture principles to analyse sun, wild energies and the unique aspects of your space
  • How to deal with pests and diseases without chemicals
  • Learn what to plant in your garden and where to plant it
  • Advice on keeping a natural garden, embracing the natural continuous food cycle to develop a resilient food garden
  • How to build vegetable garden within your budget, what veggie garden is suitable for you
  • Find out what fruit trees are suitable for your garden and how do I look after them
  • Tips on maintaining your existing fruit trees

Based in South East Melbourne


Oakleigh South 3167

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